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Dynamic Map is now Functional

WitchBolt Site AdminadminDonator posted Sep 8, 16

Just thought i'd shamelessly self-promote how I fixed dynamic map. No biggie. Enjoy!


Server is now Live

WitchBolt Site AdminadminDonator posted Sep 6, 16

We apologize for the recent downtime over the last few weeks, but the server should now be back online. However, we have yet to get dynamic map working again, so please be patient while we try to resolve this issue. 

With kind regards, 


Server Relocation and Minecraft 1.10

queketth Site AdminOwner posted Aug 2, 16

My apologies for the downtime and the lack of communication regarding it. The server had to physically move location as the property was sold that it was previously housed in. Due to this, a suitable new location for it had to be estabilished and set up. During this period of time I did not want to spend money on maintaining the website as I knew the server would be down for a period of time.

The server is however now backup and running on 1.10, although currently whitelisted in order to allow essential checks to be made regarding what the update may have broken.

Too those of you that are returning to the server, thank you for your loyalty and for the ones who are joining us, I look foward to playing with you all soon.


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